Equipment hire

Ryna Enterprises aim to provide a selection of PA packages that you can simply select according to the size of your venue. If however you wish to hire a tailor made system based on your own specification or venue we are more than happy to discuss this and quote you a very competitive price accordingly. Look below to see some illustrative packages / prices.

Listed below are some examples of packages to suit various events. These packages are to illustrate the types of systems available, however they may represent the minimum equipment requirements needed for the chosen venue. Of course the actual needs of the venue will determine the optimum system to deliver a high quality sound. Factors such as your choice of mixer, amplifier, speakers, ceiling height, wall material, soft furnishings and even the number of people can have a big effect on the sound produced and need to be taken into consideration when selecting the right PA for your event. The team at Ryna Enterprises are always more than happy to advise our customers accordingly and we look forward to working with you on your event.


House / Small Hall / Small Conference – 600w system comprising Amplifier and two stand alone speakers.

Speakers – Comprising a 2 way, 8 ohm system with a 15” Woofer and Compression horn rated at 300w rms.

Amplifier – Stageline STA-320 Stereo Amplifier rated at 300w per channel into 8 ohms.

This compact but high performing system is ideal for a house party, small village hall or a hotel type conference primarily delivering pre-recorded music and / or speech.


Medium Hall / Garden – 1200w system comprising Amplifier and four speakers.

Speakers – Two floor mounted Speaker units comprising a 2 way, 8 ohm system each with 15” woofer and Compression horns rated at 600w rms.

– Two standalone speaker units comprising a 2 way, 8 ohm system each with 15” Woofer and Compression horn rated at 300w rms.

Amplifier – Behringer EP-4000 stereo amplifier rated at 950w per channel into 4 ohms.

Combining these speakers in a parallel arrangement gives an impressive 4 ohm, 900w per channel speaker system more than capable of delivering a quality sound and suited ideally to pre-recorded music and / or speech. Powered by the Behringer amplifier delivering 950w per channel, the lower units ensure a rich full range output whilst the upper units ensure a clear sound is projected at head height. The system is ideal for venues lacking a stage.


The ‘Mobile DJ’ System – 1700w system comprising Decks, amplifier and two speakers.

Speakers – Two 18″ subwoofers rated at 650w rms each plus two full range speakers  comprising a 2 way, 8 ohm system each with a 15” woofer and CD horns rated at 300w rms each.

Amplifier – Behringer EP-4000 (for Sub) and Crown XLX-602 or Stageline STA-320 amplifier for the top end.

Decks and Mixer – KAM  KCD980 professional twin CD decks with anti-shock system, coupled with a Behringer DJX-700 4 channel mixer built in to a DJ mixing desk.

This ready to go, complete DJ audio set up gives an amazing sound so typical of the high end mobile DJ systems! With two massive 18″ Subwoofers, two 15″ Bass/Mids and Compression Drivers, you will have your dance floor filled from the minute you load a CD into the KAM professional twin CD decks or play your music collection direct into the mixer from your laptop or other mp3 player.


The ‘ULTIMATE’ System – Large Venues, Carnivals, Floats – 15kw system comprising Decks, amplifier and Speakers.

Amplifiers (RMS Power @ 4 ohms / 2 channels driven) – 2x t.amp ProLine 3000 rated at 3000watts each, 1x Behringer EP4000 rated at 1900watts, 2x Peavey PV2600 rated at 1800watts each, 2x Crown XLS602 rated at 1200watts each, 1x Stageline STA-320 rated at 800watts. At least 14,700 watts of RMS power + we can add to this if required.

Speakers (RMS Power @ 8 ohms)- 8x  18″ Hybrid/Horn Subwoofers rated at 1200w rms each plus 6x  full range speakers  comprising a 3 way, 8 ohm system each with a 15” Bass/Mid Woofer, 10″ Midrange and CD horns (2x rated at 1200watts rms each + 4 x rated at 500w rms each). At least 14,000 watts of RMS power + we can add to this if required.

Auxiliary Equipment – Due to the nature of this ‘ultimate’ setup, other equipment such as Speaker Management Systems, Crossovers, Limiters, Compressors, Graphic Equalisers, etc, will need to be incorporated into the system to ensure safe, efficient  and proper usage. These will be included in the ‘package price’ quoted.

Of course the above is just an example of what we can provide and more Equipment and Speakers can be added from our vast range to further enhance the outdoor, festival and or concert experience. Naturally the system can be made more compact to suit the venue. With this range, our engineers will be on hand to help setup and ensure all goes well on the day/night.

We will be pleased to quote for this when more details are known about your requirement, so please do not hesitate to contact us.





All equipment mentioned are subject to availability. We reserve the right to supply another model of equivalent or higher specification to that listed.

Stated packages are just a guide and additional equipment can be added to better enhance the sound and / or venue requirement. Contact us to discuss your requirement and pricing.